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MOSH. is a game changing digital platform that brings brands closer to their business objectives and fans closer to their passions.

Get in the mix with MOSH.

Why MOSH.?

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Directly engage 100% of your audience in a social interaction.
Share great content including images, videos of any length, audio, magazines, and even live streaming.
Promote and sell your product at the very time your fans are engaging.
Get detailed, individual fan data to know what content is resonating, who your most engaged fans are as well as their location, technology preferences, and peak usage times.
Acquire more fans on a platform where your brand or organization is easily discoverable by fans of other brands.


Social Interaction
Directly engage 100% of your fans on MOSH. or segment messages using filters. Fans are able to engage with the brand or organization and with each other. Share rich multimedia content including images, videos of any length, audio, magazines, and even live streaming.
Top Fans
Identify your most avidly engaged fans and interact with them directly.
Promote and sell your products or those of third parties to your engaged audience, who can be directed to your website to purchase or transact directly on MOSH.
Engage with fans of other brands on MOSH. with a marketing partnership or sponsorship agreement.
Comprehensive scorecard with fan data including most engaging content, fan demographics, location, technology, time of day and day of week for best engagement, other brands your fans are following and engaging with on MOSH. and more.
Customer Database
Access the full database of your fans on MOSH. with name, email address and other details.
Fully Responsive Design
The MOSH. platform automatically adapts to fit mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.


Number of FansMonthly Subscription
Up to 5,000$99
Up to 20,000$299
Up to 100,000$999
Up to 500,000$3,999
More than 500,000

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